Custom Metal Fabricators Since 1957

Custom Metal Fabricators Seattle WAThere are reasons we have been custom metal fabricators since 1957 – knowing the craft of metal work is a form of art, experiencing the satisfaction of watching our vision take shape, producing dynamic results for each client, and seeing the end result as a job done right at the best value!

Complementing our years of experience, we have the expertise to handle your projects from start to finish with:

  • Specialized metal fabrication equipment
  • Skilled craftsmen and expert welders
  • Project managers with years of real-world experience
  • An innovative in-house engineering and design team
  • CAD design, detailing, drafting and programming to execute projects of all sizes

We offer some of the most unique custom metal work for homeowners, contractors, architects and engineers both locally and nationwide.

Call Pacific Sheet Metal to discuss the details of your project for custom metal fabrications.

CAD Design, Layout and Measurement Drawings for Custom Metal Work

Metal Work Seattle WAAs industry-leading custom metal fabricators serving local and nationwide clients, we have high-level design input capabilities for custom metal work fabrication provided by our fabrication software that allows us to produce CAD design, layout and measurement drawings, and to exchange information with other disciplines and applications.

These services help solve design challenges by:

  • Providing accurate and precise fabrications at competitive prices
  • Acceleration of the design process from initial concept to fabrication detailing
  • Enabling our team to efficiently transform design ideas into superior products

With the use of CAD design services our design professionals serve as a design extension for clients such as general contractors, homeowners, industrial companies, architects and engineers.

As custom metal fabricators we stand ready to support our clients with efficient and accurate design creation services to create an optimized, cost-efficient fabrication. Call us today!

Metal Fabricators that Design, Build, Fabricate and Install

Metal Fabricators Seattle WAWe are metal fabricators that use a broad variety of processes to shape metal stock into an endless number of products or forms for customers across multiple industries.

As custom metal fabricators our work can be seen in the form of architectural custom metal work for homeowners, contractors, architects and engineers, or the finest quality custom products for fulfillment of industrial and commercial applications.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to design, build, fabricate and install custom parts for large or small companies, including but not limited to:

  • CAD design, layout and measurement drawings
  • Precision machining
  • Welding services
  • Electro-mechanical assembly services
  • CNC forming
  • Rolling and punching
  • CNC plasma cutting
  • Large press brake with 20-foot long capability

Call Pacific Sheet Metal with diverse capabilities to design, build, fabricate and install your next project. 206-682-5354