Custom Flash Fabrication for Protection Against Water Damage

Flash Fabrication Seattle WAOne of four contributing factors in ninety-eight percent of all roof-system integrity failures is roof flashing failure resulting in billions of dollars in unnecessary costs annually for American business and industry.

If you own a home, business structure or industrial building you have likely experienced water damage as a result of improper installation of roof flashing, or use of prefabricated metal flashing that does not provide a proper fit.

We fabricate custom metal flashing to protect your building from water damage in areas that need protection but cannot be covered by prefabricated products on the market. Our custom flash fabrication is designed to properly fit odd angles, spaces or joints on roofs and walls to protect your building from water damage.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and fabrication technologies allow for:

  • Precise multiple bends
  • Perfect solutions for unusual roof and wall angles or joints
  • Fabricated products with quick turn-around response and budget friendly prices

Call Pacific Sheet Metal for additional information, or to inquire about our capabilities and prices.

When Prefabricated Roof Flashing Can’t be Used Call Us!

Roof Flashing Seattle WAWe are one of the most diverse metal fabricators supplying metal fabrications locally and nationwide, and are the premier choice among contractors, architects and engineers.

With our experience and skills in the metal fabrication industry, we can create a perfect solution with a custom architectural flash fabrication for water damage problems resulting from:

  • The use of improper roof flashing types
  • Prefabricated sheet metal flashing installation that does not fit properly
  • Leakage at joints and angles on roofs and walls

If your prefabricated flashings are not doing the job, call us! We offer custom flash fabrication for small residential projects to large scale industrial sheet metal flashing projects as the perfect solution to avoid further water damage.

Custom Metal Flashing for Personal and Business Buildings

Metal Flashing Seattle WAAmong our specialties as a full-service sheet metal and fabrication company are custom flash fabrication, metal roof flashing, and custom sheet metal flashing for personal and business buildings.

The quality of our flashing material for flash fabrication and custom roof flashing plays an important role in:

  • Determining the ability to prevent leaking and water damage
  • Resisting corrosion
  • Extending the life cycle of the building and roof
  • Sustained aesthetics
  • Performance enhancement

There are multiple case studies that emphasize the importance of selecting the best sustainable metals for flashing fabrication. Synthetic materials are frequently used for convenience, but we know from experience that nothing is more durable than our metal fabrications.

Call Pacific Sheet Metal to schedule a consultation to learn more about the importance of choosing the right flashing material to extend the life cycle of your roof or the walls of your building structure. 206-682-5354