Metal Fabrication Build, Repair or Fabricate Anything Out of Metal

Metal Fabrication Seattle WAWhen building or repairing anything made from metal it requires metal fabrication; whereas, custom metal fabrication services require a range of tools and equipment that can cut metal stock to various shapes and sizes, roll, bend and form metal, and join the metal elements into unique assemblies.

We have the experience, expertise and types of equipment to build, repair or fabricate anything out of metal, including but not limited to:

  • Skilled and experienced fabricators to work with all types of metal
  • Equipment for certified welding including Tig, Mig, Stick and brazing
  • A sizable and well-equipped fabrication shop
  • Latest CNC sheet metal production technology and equipment for custom metal work
  • Precision metal fab installation services for flashing to properly fit odd angles or spaces
  • Handling any job from a single part to mass production runs

Whether your precision metal fab project requires rolling, shearing, punching, cutting or forming, we have the techniques and tools to build and install it! Call Pacific Sheet Metal to create what you need.

Custom Metal Fabrication and Installation Services

Custom Metal Fabrication Seattle WAWe have a built our reputation on specialized and precision custom metal fabrication and installation services.

We have a diverse range of fabrication capabilities that allow us to machine, finish, and assemble to your exacting requirements. Our experienced craftsmen have the skillsets and experience required for precision metal fab, CNC machining and welding fabrication required for complex assemblies and installations.

These are some of our services and capabilities:

  • Custom precision metal fab processes
  • Technical expertise of engineers
  • Certified welding services
  • Metal forming, rolling, punching, shearing, cutting and bending
  • CAD design, layout and measurement drawings for custom metal work
  • Runs of small parts or mass production
  • Light and heavy fabrications for industry

As the premier choice among homeowners, general contractors, engineers and architects we are proud of our full-service facility that focuses on all aspects of custom fabrication, construction and installation services to help our customers achieve success.


Precision Metal Fab for Custom Metal Work

Precision Metal Fab Seattle WAWe offer a diverse range of custom metal fabrication services supported by experience, expertise and flexibility to partner with independent proprietors to national corporations across multiple industries.

We have state-of-the-art precision metal fab technologies and equipment to produce engineered parts for custom metal work that meet the exact specifications and requirements of our customers.

Our latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) sheet metal production equipment employed for custom metal work allows us:

  • Greater precision
  • Tool longevity
  • Increased adaptability
  • More efficient set-up time

We are also equipped with a broad range of electro-mechanical assembly services that support our old-world custom metal fabrication and metal crafting.

Call Pacific Sheet Metal for the finest fabrication capabilities and custom metal work. 206-682-5354