Metal Forming Equipment for Custom Sheet Metal Projects

Metal Forming Seattle WAUsing the most advanced technology, equipment and diverse capabilities established since our founding in 1957, we have set the standard for all aspects of metal fabrication across multiple industries.

In working with individual clients we ensure precise fabrication services from CNC machining and punching to forming, bending and metal shaping:

  • Metal forming equipment for custom sheet metal projects with layouts and plans
  • Metal bending techniques to create custom metal work
  • Metal shaping tools and techniques for personal, business and industrial use

The vast majority of metal fabrications require bends, curves and various shapes to ensure proper fit.

We have the unique capability of metal bending sizable pieces with our large 20-foot long press brake to create custom metal work fabrications.

Call Pacific Sheet Metal when you need custom metal work that requires latest technology, equipment and skill to get the job done affordably and efficiently.

Metal Bending to Create Custom Metal Work

Metal Bending Seattle WAWe have a reputation for delivering reliable, precise results for every precision metal fabrication offered by our full-service fabrication company.

With the use of our high performance equipment, innovative technology and fabrication solutions we can engineer to exacting standards of accuracy. With the capabilities of our large 20-foot long press brake we have mastered the craft of metal bending to achieve a precise radius when creating one-of-a-kind custom metal work for our clients.

We focus on all aspects of metal fabrication and metal crafting by employing specialized equipment including metal forming, metal shaping and bending processes to provide:

  • Greater precision
  • Efficient set-up for quick turn-around response
  • Close-tolerance parts
  • Precision machining
  • Exceptional bending and metal shaping results
  • Metal forming optimization

We encourage you to call us for complex metal fabrications, custom metalwork and precise parts with exceptional results.

Metal Shaping Capabilities for Personal, Business & Industrial Use

Metal Shaping Seattle WAOur experience, skill and knowledge in the sheet metal industry have gained us a time-honored reputation and premier choice for projects built to exacting specifications among homeowners, business and commercial owners, general contractors, engineers, architects, and industrial clients locally and nationwide.

A few unique services as a custom fabrication shop require the use of our metal forming equipment for custom sheet metal projects with layouts and plans, sheet metal bending equipment with the use of our large 20-foot long press brake, and metal shaping tools and techniques:

  • Metal flashing where prefabricated flashing does not fit odd angles or spaces
  • Old-World metal fabrication and metal crafting
  • Furniture for home, business and industrial use
  • Custom products for home and commercial kitchens
  • Stainless steel countertops and backsplashes
  • Design-to-order projects

Whether we are using CNC press brake machines to create precise metal bending, precision sheet metal forming equipment, or our shaping machine and tools, the results are high-quality and precision with quick-turn response.

Call Pacific Sheet Metal for more information about our custom sheet metal capabilities and services. 206-682-5354